Art groups of Alytus Culture Center

Art groups are open to partnerships and can offer a wide variety of artistic programs. If you would like to collaborate or book an art program, please contact Cultural Center Deputy for Art Jurgita Guževičienė.

Deputy Director for Arts 
Jurgita Guževičienė
+370 672 215 43

Circus Group „Dzūkija“

,,Dzūkija” is one of the few circus groups in Lithuania. It was established in 1982 and is active to this day. The activities of ,,Dzūkija” are not limited to the preparation of acrobatic programs and concerts: artists have great achievements in Lithuanian and foreign competitions, festivals and television projects . In summer, members of the group practise their skills in interactive circus camps. They are trained by longtime circus artists Jurgita Bujanauskaitė and Albertas Chazbijavičius.
Meno vadovė
Jurgita Bujanauskaitė
Meno vadovas
Albertas Chazbijavičius