Art groups of Alytus Culture Center

Art groups are open to partnerships and can offer a wide variety of artistic programs. If you would like to collaborate or book an art program, please contact Cultural Center Deputy for Art Jurgita Guževičienė.

Deputy Director for Arts 
Jurgita Guževičienė
+370 672 215 43

Folk Art Group „Dainava“

,,Dainava“ is a folk art group that brings together more than one hundred members . Their Lithuanian folk dances and choral songs have been making Alytus region well known since 1977. A wide variety of musical instruments and dancers of all ages , „Dainava“ has it all. The group has visited almost every continent of the world and has no plans to stop. The head of the folk art group Arvydas Mikalauskas performs intensively with „Dainava“ and also organizes international festivals every year .
Kolektyvo vadovas
Arvydas Mikalauskas