Art groups of Alytus Culture Center

Art groups are open to partnerships and can offer a wide variety of artistic programs. If you would like to collaborate or book an art program, please contact Cultural Center Deputy for Art Jurgita Guževičienė.

Deputy Director for Arts 
Jurgita Guževičienė
+370 672 215 43

Folk Art Group „Žvangucis“

,,Žvangucis‘‘ is a folk art group, founded in 2014. Residents of Alytus city, who cherish the old traditions of Dzūkija region gather here to sing, dance and play authentic music. Young and old, people of all ages are part of this folk art group. „Žvangucis“ actively performs not only in Alytus, but also in all over Lithuania. Art director: Jūratė Fedaravičienė.
Meno vadovė
Renata Sviklienė